Watch Satya 2 (2013) Full Hindi Movie

Satya 2 (2013)

Satya 2 is an upcoming Bollywood crime film with production design by Saini S. Johray, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, as a sequel to his earlier blockbuster Satya. The film stars Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti, Mahesh Thakur and others. The film tells the story of Satya, an immigrant who comes to Mumbai aiming to refashion the mumbai underworld.


Puneet Singh Ratn as Satya
Anaika Soti as Chitra
Mahesh Thakur as Lahoti
Naara as Amitriyaan
Aradhna Gupta
Raj Premi as RK
Amal Sehrawat as TK
Kaushal Kapoor as Purshottam
Vikram Singh as Anna[9]

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by M Samanth Kumar Reddy
Written by Radhika Anand

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